Gifts For Men Who Are Impossible to Shop For

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There’s nothing quite as uniquely satisfying as the facial expression of someone who’s just unwrapped your gift — and loves it. The holiday season is a time of year when you’re often tasked with finding that ‘perfect’ kind of gift for not just one, but multiple people in your life. One of those people is most likely an impossible-to-shop-for man like a partner or dad, and if you’ve put off checking him off your list to the last minute, it’s time to tap an expert for the best gifts for the men in your life.

“Impossible men are usually either super picky or super practical. Always go for something that they'll use,” fashion and lifestyle writer Isiah Magsino tells TZR. To illustrate his point, Magsino dives into the various gift categories and brainstorming techniques that’ll ensure your present will be well-received. As for things to avoid off the bat? “Flashy or unique clothing is always a gamble,” Magsino says. “My BF has a unique, fun style and buying him a black and white striped cardigan once felt like a massive risk. He ended up liking it (so he says), but I find that this isn't always the case. Also, candles are boring.” Continue ahead for non-snoozy, high-enjoyment gift ideas to help you surprise the men in your life.

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Neutrals & Basics

If you’re planning a gift in the clothing category, Magsino suggests sticking to neutrals and basics. “I always go for a nice, well-made sweater or cashmere scarf as a gift,” he says. “Even beautiful brown leather gloves.”

Unexpected Essentials

If your gift-ee has ample neutral basics but you don’t want to get a flashy statement piece, think outside of the box. “I think dressing robes are far too overlooked,” Magsino says. “And they’re usually very appreciated.” Try a cozy robe or slippers for a practical yet luxurious gift.

Facial-Hair Friendly

Among the more classic — but relevant — gift ideas is the grooming kit, a staple that Magsino recommends. “If I'm gifting someone with a bit of facial hair, updating their grooming set is never a bad idea.”

Lifestyle Adjacent

If you’re really stuck on what to buy him, take the use-case approach. “Think of something that they'll use every day instead of something unique that they may use for a special occasion,” Magsino says. “That means thinking long and hard about their lifestyle. Do they enjoy cooking? Perhaps updating their cookware is ideal. Are they gym gurus? Opt-in for some gym gear. Combine practicality with their lifestyle and you are golden.”

Staple Sites

Another way to make gift-giving more effortless is to bookmark your favorite sites that do the editing for you. “Mr. Porter is a great resource because it's well-curated and has a lot of good lifestyle goods — not just fashion,” Magsino says. “I always go on there to brainstorm ideas. Dents is a great place to source leather accessories, and Aesop for soaps, etc. are usually a safe bet. [You can also gift] Loro Piana if the person is worth it!”

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