Ask Rachel: How To Accessorize Your Workspace

by The Zoe Report

This is a topic I am asked about frequently! With so many readers writing in for suggestions on how to conquer an out-of-hand closet or messy desk, I have searched high and low for on-trend home accessories that will help you transform your space into one that is a little more organized—and fashionable!

First of all, I would start by adding few stylish storage boxes to your home—for supplies, paperwork and well, just about anything that can be concealed. The Macbeth Collection* has this area covered with their collection of new storage boxes. Available in six colorful patterns (my fave is the Missoni-esque Amalfi, obvi!) and ranging in size, they are useful for storing anything and everything…even shoes!

To organize cluttered stacks of magazines and newspapers, I suggest CB2’s Slat Rack. I just ordered them for my digital office and design studio, and let me just tell you…they are sleek, functional and life-changing. Next, add a bright bulletin board—I love Jonathan Adler’s Magnetic Board—into the mix. Although mine has become more of an inspiration board for my new collection, a bulletin board is also a great way to track important notes, to-do lists and favorite photos.

Saving the best for last, you can’t forget to decorate your desk. Dress up the surface (while minimizing litter) with animal print file folders, a black and white pencil cup and eco-friendly charging station. Of course, it is the personal details—like my vintage Gucci pencil holders, family photos and desk accessories from Resurrection—that make one’s workspace truly special. So accessorize with a few of your own thoughtful details and when all is said and done, you will have a stylish space to match a stylish you! xoRZ

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