Make Your Own Dolce and Gabbana-inspired Earrings

by The Zoe Report

The baroque trend is in full-force this fall, so the more ways to rock it, the better—especially when in the form of a look-for-less version of the widely coveted earrings from Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall 2012 runway! The DIY gurus at Honestly WTF show you how to craft the perfect pair, and the results are too cute—and way affordable for jewelry mavens on a budget!

Click through to learn how to craft your own baroque earrings!

What You’ll Need: - a variety of ceramic flowers - brass components–we suggest these & these - '2 4mm jump rings

- a pair of glue-on earring posts - a pair of earnuts

- E6000 adhesive

- pliers - wooden spoon and/or toothpick

Start by squeezing a small amount of E6000 into a disposable container or onto a wooden popsicle stick. Tip: use a small amount at a time, as the glue tends to dry quickly!

Using the tip of a toothpick, apply a dollop of glue onto the back of the largest ceramic flower.

Press the flower firmly onto the smaller brass component.

Continue to glue the smaller flowers to the bottom brass component. Allow to dry for a few hours.

Once the flowers have dried, glue the earring backs to the back of the smaller brass flower. Allow to dry completely.

Using a pair of pliers, attach the two components with a jump ring.

Voila! A pair of Dolce & Gabbana-inspired earrings to call your own!