These $26 Zara Flats Are Garnering Me A Million Compliments

Mind-blowing as it may be, I don’t shop very much. For a fashion editor, I admit it’s a bit unusual. As someone who once blew nearly her entire paycheck on clothing and accessories (some of which were highly questionable, but hindsight is 20/20), I’ve now drastically reformed and often refrain from impulse purchases. (#AdultingGoals) As a result, my wardrobe is tightly edited, though at times somewhat limited: I’ve become much pickier when adding pieces, and I subscribe to a simple albeit repetitive uniform most days, forgoing overly trendy pieces. I also purge on the regular, thanks to my New York City apartment closet and a habitual compulsion to toss (usually a trendy piece I did actually indulge in). So, imagine my surprise when I find myself spontaneously spending on a new pair of slingback flats (at the airport no less—who am I?) in an uncharacteristically bold fuchsia satin. Trend on trend on trend. Luckily, they only set me back a harmless $26 (thanks Zara!), while they’ve earned me a shocking number of compliments today, from co-workers, the doorman, the barista at Starbucks, the coffee-cart guy outside my office (I’ve even noticed the eyeballs of passersby all over my feet). I would like to add that I styled them very simply—with a white mock-neck T-shirt, white cropped jeans and a classic trench coat. I’ve reached the conclusion that these flats are the perfect $26 statement shoe every woman needs in her closet for spring. In other words, buy them ASAP, because they will most definitely sell out. Trust.

Vanessa Jackman

My Statement-Making And Affordable Flats