Mirror Mirror On The Shoe

by The Zoe Report

We hope you’re prepared to compromise your fall accessory budget, ladies, or at least braced to spend a few moments lost in a shoe-induced reverie. Because, as you can see above, the one and only Stefano Pilato in his finale collection for Yves Saint Laurent, fashioned a pair of heels so spectacular, they seem to make time stand still. Are your footsies squirming with excitement? Ours too.

Standing 5.5 inches tall, these state-of-the-art soles boast so many mouthwatering facets that it is hard to know which part to focus on: their ombréd python front, transparent back or, our personal favorite, their mirrored, tapered heel? Adding up to equal a runway-worthy duo, every striking detail warrants lingering looks. Sink into their staggering arches this fall and they will make your feet sing, especially when teamed with a studded dress, metallic clutch and a burnished manicure. Mirror, mirror on the shoe, who’s the most fashionable of them all? Why you, of course!

Availability: Yves Saint Laurent by Stefano Pilati Pumps ($1995, available at Yves Saint Laurent, New York, 212.980.2970). For additional information, visit Ysl.com.

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