How To Make These Intimidating Shoe Trends Work

This might be a scenario you’ve encountered a time or two: Upon scouting a particularly inspirational celebrity or street style photo of some ultra-cool It girl wearing a polarizing trend, you mentally bookmark the look (and likely add it to your Pinterest style board) and continue to mull over the burning question—how exactly did she pull that off? Though innate style sensibilities and a dose of je nais se quoi are certainly at play, there’s no reason why an ensemble you’re strongly attracted to can’t be made accessible and approachable for your own wardrobe. Unsure about how to pull off glitter boots? Cage sandals seem too sexy? We know, and we’re with you. As shoes can often be the pièce de résistance of an outfit, we break down 4 tough-to-tackle footwear trends so that you look just as effortless and confident in the look as your muse.

The Trend: Glitter Boots

These festive shoes look great on the shelf, but how can you work them into your everyday wardrobe without looking like a walking disco ball?

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

How To Wear Them

For summer in particular, a pair that hits at the ankle provides more versatility than a go-go boot silhouette. For a daytime look, select a shift dress for a slightly mod feel, then add on sleek accessories to allow the shoe's glittery texture to shine. Finish the outfit with a pair of dainty studs to subtly play up the sparkle from head to toe.

The Trend: Clogs

The all-encompassing trend of the season, the '70s look indeed extends to retro-inspired footwear (including clogs). The challenge lies in wearing them in a way that references the decade, but doesn't look costume-y.

Photo: Julien Boudet/BFA.com

How To Wear Them

An A-line skirt and wrap jacket pay homage to the groovy '70s style, but in a way that's trend-focused rather than dated. Select pieces rendered in rich texture (read: corduroy and suede), then finish the look with a luxe handbag to give the casual ensemble an elevated feel.

The Trend: Sporty Statement Sneakers

A pair of Chuck Taylors goes with a bevy of off-duty staples, but what about the ultra-sporty sneakers spotted on fashion's in-crowd?

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

How To Wear Them

They might be a tad clunkier than your go-to tennies, but sporty sneakers can truly be subbed in for your beloved Vans or Keds quite effortlessly. Team with a pair of lived-in, cropped denim and choose a feminine blouse to balance the masculinity of the shoe. Play off the colors in the sneaker with a tonal shoulder bag, and top off the outfit with a dainty necklace for added polish.

The Trend: Knee-High Cage Sandals

This we've come to know: If you're Kendall Jenner, you look good in just about anything. In what way can the rest of us mere mortals wear sexy cage sandals without appearing as if we're headed to pole-dancing class?

Photo: Getty Images

How To Wear Them

Take cues from Kendall's look by donning the caged sandal with a pair of denim shorts—swapping out cheeky cutoffs for a Bermuda length balances the overt sexiness of the shoe. A classic tee-and-blazer combo on top and dainty, stacked jewelry add French-girl elegance to the vibe.