Vegan-Friendly Shoes That Are Also Really Cute

Believe it or not, there are tons of brands making it their mission to create fashionable items that are also vegan. (Turns out one does not have to be mutually exclusive of the other.) To be clear, for a shoe to be considered vegan it has to have been made without using any animal-based ingredients or byproducts. We did our research and found 6 styles of shoes both ethical and seriously stylish. Ready to make a difference? Click through to find out how these pretty pairs promote a cruelty-free wardrobe—all while looking super cute.

Make An Ethical Statement About Style

The Details: Nasty Gal carries a wide range of vegan-friendly options. These trendy, faux-leather mules are made from synthetic materials.

The Details: Using extraordinarily skilled manufacturers, Stella McCartney's footwear is produced with non-leather, cruelty-free materials. These patent-like pumps are made from polyurethane, cotton and polyester.

The Details: Cri de Coeur uses reclaimed soles and post-industrial polyester to make its shoes. This particular pair is fashioned in faux suede.

The Details: Clover Canyon's premiere collection of shoes is rendered in cork and neoprene in place of animal-based materials.

The Details: Inkkas footwear is made from sustainable, vegan textiles and materials. The brand even plants a tree every time a pair is purchased, which provides sustenance for people and wildlife in developing countries.

The Details: These statement sandals may look like they're made from leather but they're actually completely faux. Gorgeous.