Friends Till The End Of Time

by The Zoe Report

We are all aware of the friendship bracelet trend that has dominated fashion-forward wrists over the past few years. But now, there is a new way to rock the look—with the Maya Watch Collection by ToyWatch! Weaving brilliant hues of cotton thread to form exotic-inspired designs, these timepieces have us more eager than ever to flaunt our fellowships.

Stop us if you disagree, but we don’t think there has ever been a more functional and fun way to represent a BFF bond. Available in four prepossessing palettes, including sea blue, rain forest green, earthy brown and mysterious purple, each multi-colored band features tassels at the end to be tied or tucked to your preference. Of course, the pièce de résistance of these bracelets is their steel gold face with a white and champagne dial, which lends a sophisticated element to the schoolyard style. Worn between two or a whole posh pack, one thing is certain—the moment you tie on a Maya Watch, you’ll be fashion friends till the end of time!

Availability: ToyWatch Maya Collection ($168 each, available again in mid-August). For additional information, visit Toywatchusa.com.

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