Pretty Pretty Princess

by The Zoe Report

It is no secret that I am a little bit of a jewelry addict! I live to continuously expand my collection of gems with diverse pieces in all sizes and styles, and from multiple eras. I love it all. When excessorizing myself or a client, I tend to pick out the most dramatic jewels I can find. However, there are instances in which something subtle is just enough. In that case, Tom Binns‘ crystal necklace is my sparkling adornment of choice. Who doesn’t want to play princess for a day?

Browsing Tom Binns’ spring designs—which ranges from dark and edgy to playfully pearly and dainty classic—sends my heart racing. It is quite a challenge to narrow down even a handful of favorites, but if you are in the mood for a slightly understated, yet still praiseworthy piece, this evenly aligned crystal necklace is the perfect pick! It will add insta-glam to your neckline, no matter what you are wearing. Though one’s natural inclination is to pair this with some elegant evening attire, I say, why not rock it with a simple tee and blazer? Everyday glamour is key! xoRZ

Availability: Tom Binns DMT0060 Necklace ($290, 917.475.1412). For additional retailer information, visit Tombinnsdesign.com.