Tiny Dancer

by The Zoe Report

As much as I campaign for towering stilettos, I also believe it is important to give your soles a rest from time to time. Fear not fashionistas, because sacrificing height does not mean sacrificing chicness. There are a countless number of inspiring flats on the market right now, like today’s bedazzled D&G Ballet Flats.

If I am going to temporarily part from my tranny shoes, it would have to be for a good reason. Comfortable as they are beautiful, these flats are lined with leather and embellished in a cornucopia of black, gold and bronze crystals. Bling for your feet! Other ground-level options on my radar this season include the pretty lace-ups from Chloe and Lanvin’s ruched variety. Wear them with a full mini skirt and body-hugging tank for a polished look that can transition from day to night with the addition of a blazer and statement earrings. Your soles will thank me! xoRZ

Availability: D&G Dolce & Gabbana Studded Ballet Flat ($945). For additional retailer information, visit Dolcegabbana.com.