Team Zoe’s Best Vintage Scores

With this week’s trek down memory lane, what better time to admire our own vintage purchases than the present? With a plethora of vintage buffs on Team Zoe, allow us to toot our own horns about our all-time favorite retro treasures—and don’t forget to share yours on social with @thezoereport using #thezoearchive.

"I bought these vintage Schiaparelli earrings and brooch forever ago in NYC—I love wearing them on special occasions because they are ridiculously sparkly and make any outfit more glamorous." - Shannon Nash, Fashion & Beauty Editor

“I think my favorite thing about this vest is that the name of the original owner is embroidered into the lining. Something about that just takes me back in time.” - Kendall Cohan, Licensing & Partnerships Associate

"This dress found its way into my closet thanks to a Halloween misstep (gold digger, complete with plastic spade) but it has enjoyed many a night out since then, so it's not the worst $20 I've ever spent." - Nicky Deam, Fashion Director

“I was hesitant to pull the trigger on these late-1960's Japanese tortoiseshell frames until the folks at Old Focals in Pasadena, CA insisted I buy them over the more generic pair I was eyeing. Old Focals should know: they've supplied eyewear for all 7 seasons of Mad Men and dozens of big movies. Despite a subtle cat-eye, they're masculine, make a statement and I've gotten nothing but complements on them.” - Tom Balamaci, General Manager, Zoe Media Group

"This bag is a favorite from my vintage Moschino collection—I love the quirky stoplight motif." - Christian David, Art Director

"I may never have worn these crazy-cool boots but that doesn't mean they aren't my favorite vintage find to-date. They were a gift from my super-glam grandma, and I hope the day I decide to wear them I look as epic as she did." - Jennifer Ash, Accessories Editor

"This is just one of many purchases I've made on Etsy this season, which is my new favorite place to search for unique vintage. The green suede and gold circle grommets totally sold me, and because of the "no-name" designer I got it for an amazing price." - Kristi Mikesky, Fashion & Beauty Editor