Red Herring

by The Zoe Report

If you ever wanted to divert attention away from everyone else and shift it directly to your outfit, a pair of tall red stilettos is certain to do the trick. And as you might expect, we have a specific set of shoes in mind: Stella McCartney’s Faux Croc Pumps. The red herring in any getup, these focus-pullers will veer the eye line of any room downward.

Are you ready for the kicker? As if these heels weren’t stunning enough in appearance, they also just so happen to be biodegradable. A step-up from being animal-friendly (which is awesome in itself), their Apinat material makes them environmentally conscious and fully renewable too. Seen on the runway amongst McCartney’s other debut recyclable soles, our textured pumps du jour can be styled similarly with a printed maxi dress, foldover clutch and bright mascara for a standout, earth-chic effect.

Availability: Stella McCartney Faux Croc Pumps ($780). For additional information, visit Stellamccartney.com.

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