This New Site Is Basically Pinterest For Engagement Rings

From keeping us up-to-date on trending nail colors to narrowing down our Halloween costume options, Pinterest plans out nearly every element of our daily lives, and no aspect is better served by the platform than weddings. Case in point: the sheer number of invitations, beauty looks and engagement rings a bride-to-be can find. If you’re expecting a proposal in the near future and Pinterest religiously, wait till you hear about this new engagement-ring e-tailer: Sparkly is dedicated solely to precious baubles, making for streamlined browsing that won’t distract you with other bridal matters. It not only allows you to browse thousands of rings (on a virtual finger just your size), but also eliminates the chance for your SO to splurge on something you don’t like. All you have to do is select your preferred filters (think cut, carat and size), sift through Pinterest-like boards for your favorites and let your BFF do the hinting! Yes, it’s that easy. Use this guide to figure out your style, and give Sparkly a whirl here.