TZR Spotlight: Sole Train

by The Zoe Report

Are you ready to take your shoe shopping experience to the next level, Zoe Reporters? If you answered yes, then listen closely because I have the inside scoop on the newest footwear destination for fashion-forward women. Repeat after me: Sole Society. A subscription-based monthly shoe club, this secret-not-for-long society is your source for hot, high-quality shoes that are specifically chosen to complement your personal style. Ba-na-nas!

So how do you get into this club you ask? Easy. To become a member, all you have to do is go to the website, take a fun Style Quiz—so Sole Society can get to know what you love—and register (it’s free!). Then, each month you will be shown a selection of shoes in a virtual closet that are tailored to your taste. If you die for one (or more) pairs, you can choose to purchase them for $49.95 each—but if you aren’t feeling ’em for the month, no biggie! Just skip over them and wait until the next month for another personal roundup while keeping in mind that there is never an obligation to purchase. Pretty mah-jor, right? Get on-board the sole train today! xoRZ

Availability: Join Sole Society now and within minutes, you’ll receive a personal selection of shoes sent to your virtual closet! Enter promo code ZOE10 for $10 off your first purchase through April 30th.