Why Sienna’s Travel Look Is Pretty Genius

Alex B. Huckle

It takes a miracle—or some really great add-ons—to leave a long flight looking perfectly put together. But we weren’t at all surprised when Sienna Miller was spotted accomplishing just that. Today, we’re looking to her effortless travel ensemble as inspiration for the must-have items to wear and stow in a carry-on the next time you head to the airport. From the perfect red lip to brighten a jet-lagged face to a polished satchel that can segue from the customs hall to cocktails, here are the key items you need for a seamless airport-to-destination transition.

The Essentials You Need For Air Travel

Photo: Getty Images

Red Lipstick

A swipe of red lipstick works wonders. It takes under a minute and no one will know you just got off an 8-hour flight.

Polished Sandals

Equal parts chic and comfortable, a pair of sandals that are as easy to slip off at the airport are a must. An embellished option will add instant polish to your maxi dresses and denim shorts during your trip. Talk about a versatile accessory.

Passport Case

A passport case not only keeps your important documents close at hand but a version with extra card slots serves as a wallet to hold traveler's checks, receipts and more vacation essentials once you arrive.

Oversize Sunglasses

Always travel with a pair of oversize sunglasses. They provide instant glamour and conceal tired eyes in a cinch.

Long Scarf

A longer, cotton scarf is the workhorse of travel accessories. Use it as a blanket on the plane, to shield your décolletage from the sun, as an extra layer in the evening and a sarong on the beach.

Sleek Satchel

Opting for a bag with a structured shape ensures you'll look pulled together—regardless of your outfit. Leave your black purse behind in favor of one in a light, neutral hue, which looks right at home on vacation. (Especially if you're headed somewhere warm and sunny.)