Spotlight: Hand It Over

If you are as addicted to the Mint family as we are, then you will be psyched to hear that ShoeMint has just expanded their of-the-moment repertoire to include handbags. Sign up to shop now and you will receive 20% off your first order! Now the only dilemma you’re faced with is what accessory to choose: a standout satchel or a fashion-forward pair of shoes?Then again, you can always splurge and go for both! Adorn your feet in heels that won’t break the bank, then complement them with a versatile handbag. Take your pick from one of ShoeMint’s two debut styles, including a Carry All Tote and Schoolboy Satchel, and you’llcarry on stylishly all fall. Need we say more? Let ShoeMint lead the way in autumn accessorizing.

Availability: Join ShoeMint to shop their debut handbag collection and receive 20% off your first order.