Closet Raid: What’s In Rachel Zoe Studio This Week


It’s a given that Rachel Zoe Studio just gets it when it comes to pulling the most unconventionally-cool accessories for their clients—if you weren’t already aware of the chicness, take a quick peek here. Eager to share the swoon-worthy picks we drool over on the regular, we’re giving you an inside look at what our ultra-talented styling team has called into their studio this week.

Jean Cassette Perspex Clutch


Edie Parker

Retro-Chic Clutch

"It wont be long until the next fashionable generation has no idea what the retro design on this clutch bag represents. Rock on Edie, rock on."

Tiny Double Diamond Ear Cuff in Black



Embellished Ear Cuffs

"An effortless way to make a statement without over-accessorizing, Graziela's diamond ear pieces are totally worth the splurge."

Bug Baubles

"Daniela Villegas' creations are total conversation pieces. To get the most wear out of them, keep your outfit simple and let these statement jewels speak for themselves."

Centipede Necklace


Daniela Villegas

Medeina Necklace


Daniela Villegas

Kephri 18k Rose Gold and Sapphire Ring


Daniela Villegas

Paradise Embroidered Silk Sandals


Charlotte Olympia

Animated Stilettos

"Because Charlotte Olympia can make standing in stillettos feel like fun!"

Instant Outfit Enhancers

“These are the kind of bags that make you want to build an outfit around them. Anything from a LWD to jeans and a tee!”

Pictured: Brian Atwood Clutches

Cosmic Bits

"We're all about delicate, personal jewelry—layer it up! These Andrea Fohrman bits are totally appropriate for us starry Angelenos in the throws of Mercury and her retrograde."

Small Crescent Moon Ring with Diamonds


Andrea Fohrman

Oval Lapis & Quartz Ring with Blue Sapphires


Andrea Fohrman

Medium Rose Cut Moon Ring


Andrea Fohrman

Neon Accoutrements

“No shy girls here—wear one of these unique clutches loud and proud with a printed cocktail dress."

Pictured: Lulu Guinness Clutches

Labradorite, Lapis & Sapphire Knuckle Ring


Jacquie Aiche

Bohemian Dream Piece

“This Jacquie Aiche ring is the perfect mix of elegance and edginess. Who doesn't want to rock five one-of-a-kind gems on one hand?!”

Eye-Catching Bags

"Our latest obsession at Camp Zoe are Tonya Hawkes clutches. Should our clients need one to complement a LBD or something more subdued, these bags make the statement."

Lucite-Studded Snakeskin Clutch


Tonya Hawkes

Roxy Clutch


Tonya Hawkes