The Shoe Brand All NYC Girls Will Be Obsessed With

This may not come as a big surprise, but we love shoes—and have the weekly disappointing Mint.com emails to prove it. Rarely are our purchases practical, but this new brand Mime et Moi is set to change all that. Based in Germany, this Kickstarter-funded company has designed a chic and simple sandal with an interchangeable heel. Meaning: you can walk to work in flats, and then step things up in the boardroom with your choice of five separate heel heights, including block heels and stilettos. (Oh, the time and space you’ll save by not lugging around a full extra extra pair of shoes, or ducking into an alley to switch!) You might think something this genius could be frumpy, but through mix-and-match technology, on-trend styles and a simple aesthetic, the shoes are actually super cute… cute enough to warrant a trip to Europe! (They aren’t available in the U.S. yet.) Here’s how it works: