Shipwrecked Princess

by The Zoe Report

The chic-ster way of draping pearls these days is by mismatching them every which way you can. Tom Binns, the mastermind behind today’s sinful “Pearls in Peril” necklace, shows us how it’s done. He has taken costume jewelry to a whole new level by melding together the expected with the unexpected. The fashion-obsessed scamper for even one piece of Tom Binns…clearly I am a diehard fan!

Pearls are back with a vengeance in the most modern and hard-edged way a la Keira Knightley in Pirates of the Carribean. This necklace is the new spin on your grandmother’s pearls. It will add instant drama to your neckline and make people fall in love at hello. One can interpret this look for yourself, so don’t be afraid to DIY at home. Take inspiration from Tom and layer pearls with other treasures in your jewelry box—the more tangled, the better! This trend is not intended to be delicate or fancy…the idea is to be eye-catching by day with a white shirt and tuxedo jacket, and jaw-dropping by night with your little black dress. Imperfect perfection! xoRZ

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Availability: Tom Binns “Pearls in Peril” Necklace ($1400, Tom Binns Design Boutique 917.475.1412). For additional retailer information, visit Tombinnsdesign.com.