See The Flawless Blue Diamond Expected To Sell For More Than $25 Million

Ryan Kobane/BFA.com

It’s rare one gets to see a flawless diamond, a blue diamond, or any diamond expected to command $25 million at auction but it’s your lucky day, because Sotheby’s has just released images of the 9.54 carat ring Shirley Temple received from her father on her twelfth birthday and it is gorgeous. (We received a TopsyTail for our twelfth birthday, but we digress.) The near-perfect stone boasts VVS2 clarity and the original art-deco setting. While the quality of the gem has Sotheby’s experts touting the $25 million valuation as “well-priced” we don’t suggest making any erratic hand motions near Sotheby’s in New York on April 19th, unless you have the fortune of a multi-millionaire to play with.

Image courtesy of Sothebys