5 Super Shiny Ways To Keep A Secret

Sometimes you don’t have to say a single word to make a massive statement. Whether professing unconditional love or paying homage to an inside joke, the mystery of a hidden message combined with the charm of dainty jewels will leave just about anyone, well, speechless.

Let Your Trinkets Do The Talking

Stella & Dot Signature ID Tag

A surprising spin on the tried-and-true dog-tag necklace, these casual charms are completely customizable and at under $40 a pop, totally affordable.

Ariel Gordon Birthstone Earrings

Birthstone jewelry has come a long way over the years and our favorite incarnation is the epitome of elegance: This delicate drop earing has room for two stones – so whether you choose your kids, BFF or significant other, it’s guaranteed to result in a perfect pair.

Coordinates Collection Meridian Bracelet

Commemorate any momentous occasion with a classic skinny cuff, thoughtfully engraved with the coordinates of a special place in time.

Lulu Frost Multi-Stone Necklace

Leave it to Lulu Frost to tap the Victorian era for inspiration for the colorful -- and perfectly cryptic -- Code Words collection. The gorgeous gemstones spell out sweet sentiments like “Love”, “Dearest” and “Hot” on an assortment of necklaces, rings and bracelets.

Anthony Dreyer Morse Code Pearl Bracelet

Each dainty piece is home to a secret Morse code message written out in pearls, diamonds and pyrite. Phrases range from love note-worthy “I’m A Slave For You” to straight up silly lyrics like “Ain’t Nothing’ But A G Thang, Baaaabay”.