Sarah Jessica Parker Just Designed Seven Handbags For Every Day Of Your Week

Sarah Jessica Parker and her Sex and the City alter ego Carrie Bradshaw share quite a few things in common but none perhaps more significant than their inherent sense of style. While the latter was associated with her overfilled closet of Manolos, the actress-entrepreneur is known for her own designs, from a shoe label to a line of little black dresses to her fragrance collections. Adding to this arsenal, she’s released a new range of handbags titled The Seven Essentials. The seven styles (constructed in America using Italian leathers) include a tote, backpack, bucket, cross-body, hobo, clutch and minaudière in different colors, offering something for every occasion, whether it’s an afternoon meeting, date night or a weekend trip. Priced from $395 to $695, these bags are a bit of an investment, but they’re bound to become, well, your seven essentials. Pre-order them on Bloomingdale’s here.