Pump It Up

by The Zoe Report

If there is one fashionable asset that every woman needs in their possession, it is a pair of black pumps. Through work and play, they immediately make any outfit chicer, sexier and more stylish. This season, Gucci shows us how it is done with a reinvention of the classic shape: a dangerously high, patent platform with an unexpected touch of iridescent shine. Do you die?

…Because I do. These tantalizing tall shoes brilliantly complemented many of Gucci’s beautiful dirty rich fall getups. Follow their lead and pair your favorite black pumps with a bright printed tunic and liquid leather leggings, or a mini sequined frock and sheer tights. So glam. Truthfully…it is hard to go wrong with black pumps. It really comes down to a two-step process. 1. Find a pair you love—the higher the heel, the better 2. Wear them with everything! xoRZ

Availability: Gucci Division Platform Pumps ($750). For additional retailer information, visit Gucci.com.