At First Sight

by Tyler Love

Continuing on with our back-to-school theme for the week—did you see yesterday’s purr-fectly spotted backpack?—I have another geek chic find to talk about today: Prada’s optical lenses! Mind the fact that I have 20/20 vision, I can’t help but goggle over these happening frames.

Merging Prada with practical, these stylish lenses are the ultimate add-on for any near or farsighted student or teacher with a weakness for fashion. Incorporating elements of Lucite on the front of the frame and tortoise on the temples, they are definitely worthy of a double take. For a studious look, slip on Prada’s glasses on with a classic blouse, pencil skirt and slingback heels. xoRZ

Availability: Prada Optical Lenses ($280, 310.860.0634). For additional retailer information, visit Prada.com.

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