Secure Your Style

by The Zoe Report

There is nothing quite like a midsummer accessory pick-me-up to boost your wardrobe (and spirits!) from now through fall. Since we are prone to setting our sights first on footwear and jewelry, it can be easy to forget about other stylish outfit add-ons, like belts. To remind you all of just how ba-na-nas a belt can be, I picked out this wide leather cincher from Prada for today. D.I.E.

Like every follower of fashion, it is my instinct to equate Prada with fabulous—obvi—so the name says it all with this one. A fabulous find indeed, this white Nappa Leather bind is just what your summer outfits ordered to show off your waistline and secure some authentic style. Wrap it on over a patterned maxi dress to break up the design, or try rocking it with your go-to jumpsuit for a fresh update on a classic look. Either way, you are destined to look divine. xoRZ

Availability: Prada Nappa Leather Belt ($710). For additional retailer information, visit Prada.com.