See Into The Future

by The Zoe Report

Certainly, we don’t need to remind you that as you assess your wardrobe needs for a brand new year, you mustn’t neglect a single accessory! Getting specific, we suspect your eyes will widen at the chance to hide out behind Prada’s Aviator Sunglasses. Go ahead and take a closer look if you dare!

The intersection of posh and practicality, Prada’s protective pair, available in equally-sleek blue and green variations, promise protection from the sun’s fiercest rays while simultaneously filling the cool quota in every outfit. Featuring a pilot-style silhouette with gold-tone detailing, they strike a desirable balance of old and new to complement any look. The future of your style is transparent: addPrada’s pretty set to your stockpile o’ sunnies and you’ll encounter enviable glances at every corner.

Availability: Prada Aviator Sunglasses ($305). For additional information, visit Prada.com.

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