Pin Me

by The Zoe Report

Stop for a moment and picture yourself heading out the door to a dinner date, girls night out or other fabulous affair. You are in your favorite pair of denim, a chic blazer and all of the right accessories: a cozy scarf, stunning bangles, taller-than-tall heels, and prized designer handbag. But something is still missing. You cannot put your finger on it, until voilà, your fairy godmother stylist swoops in and pins a Chanel Wing Brooch on you!

A combination of metal, glass pearls and strass, this dazzling ornament will put the finishing touch of glamour on any outfit—fancy or casual. Who doesn’t want to stamp Chanel’s signature emblem on everything they own? There are no rules with brooches, so have fun with these wings. Pin them on a cocktail dress, your Sunday-casual tee or even in your hair for an understated hint of chic. When in doubt…ask yourself, what would Coco do? xoRZ

Availability: Chanel Wing Brooch (310.278.5505, price available upon request). For additional retailer information, visit Chanel.com.