Exclusive: 6 Chic Baubles From Our Fave Designers


As a chic homage to The Glamour of Italian Fashion (1945-2014) exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, online luxury retail Net-a-porter has partnered with the V&A to present the public with a covetable curation of collectible jewels by our favorite Italian designers ever. Pretty maj, right?

Featuring bold baubles by designers like Dolce & Gabbana to Missoni and Moschino, each piece is inspired by best-selling pieces and must-own archives. The collection includes 22 rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings ranging from $227-$809. Shop the ultra-luxe assortment on Net-a-porter if you’re seeking a well-deserved splurge—we’ve included six of our faves here!

+ V&A Set of Three Woven Bracelets



Festival-Ready Bracelets

+ V&A Swarovski Crystal and Resin Necklace



Bold Bib Necklace

+ V&A Gold Plated Cuff



Cool Statement Cuff

+ V&A Tourmaline and Silk Clip Earrings



Mixed Media Earrings

+ V&A Gold-Plated Swarovski Crystal and Resin Necklace



Art Deco Necklace

+ V&A Clip Earrings


Dolce & Gabbana

Serious Statement Earrings