The ’90s Jewelry Trend We’re Totally Into Again


Clear up some space on your digits, ladies! Mood rings are back and better than ever, and we’ve handpicked a game-changing assortment for you to dabble in. Fueling fashion’s obsession with all things nineties, mystical baubles will bring an unexpected element to your summer accessorizing while conjuring up a nostalgic sentiment too. Whether you prefer an actual color-changing stone or not, these statement selects have you covered on the magical ring movement.

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No1 Mood Ring



Color Changing

Dreamcatcher Ring


Loud Love Jewelry

Dreamcatcher Inspired

Pathway Ring


Pamela Love

Moonstone Detailed

Lapis & Gold Ring


Irene Neuwirth

Dream Buy

Open Opal Ring




Dark Forest Ring


Katie Rowland

Mixed Media

Mood Stone Ring



Parallel Universe