Buckle Up

by The Zoe Report

When conceptualizing an outfit, my protocol is to start with one—or five—key accessories and build the rest of my look around it. Think: a striking necklace, platforms that defy gravity or in today’s case—a Brocade-Embellished Leather Belt by Matthew Williamson.

The beauty of this baby is all in the details. I am enamored with its metallic royal blue hue, gold pyramid studs and silk-blend floral brocade panel. It reminds me of a design you might see on an elegant silk kimono, worn by a glamorous geisha! While combining so many design elements may seem risky, Mr. Williamson executes these facets with an ease all his own. I picture it over a gauzy white maxi dress for an outdoor springtime gathering, but in regard to the present chilly months, try belting it over a rich jewel toned dress with a black motorcycle jacket. xoRZ

Availability: Matthew Williamson Brocade Belt ($860). For additional retailer information, visit Matthewwilliamson.com.