Platform And Function

by The Zoe Report

Some people claim they never forget a face, but those of us at RZ HQ affirm we never forget a shoe. The latest pair to imprint their mark on our brain, Louis Vuitton’s Mississippi Sandals promise to be disregarded by no one.

Similar in style to the platforms seen in the luxury label’s resort show, these soles will instantly satiate any person with a sweet tooth for towering, conspicuous footwear. Designed in gold patent leather with studded facets, ankle-strap closure and a chunky base, they present a way to elevate your ensembles without the added discomfort. To build a look that is as debonair as LV’s seventies-like series, we propose you style these metallic beauties with a jacquard dress, structured satchel and drop earrings.

Availability: Louis Vuitton Mississippi Sandals ($1720, available at select Louis Vuitton locations, 866. VUITTON). For additional information, visit Louisvuitton.com.

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