Under Arrest

by Tyler Love

Have you ever fallen so deeply in love with an accessory that you want it physically attached to your being at all times? Guilty! Leave it to the geniuses at Louis Vuitton to fuel said attachment issues with one of their latest arm candy creations for fall. An impeccably arresting add-on, this beauty comes complete with a polished brass handcuff so you can be lit-er-a-lly connected to your bag 24/7.

Proving that shiny shackles are not just for jailbirds, the Louis Vuitton Handcuff Clutch is an artfully juxtaposed concept that serves as a sleek jewelry-handbag, all-in-one piece! Available in both glossy leather and croc, this statement purse is truly the missing link in any woman’s handbag collection. Want an irresistible outfit to team it with? Slip into a sequin dress, opaque tights and black pumps…and take no prisoners! xoRZ

Availability: Louis Vuitton Handcuff Clutch ($14,760, 866.VUITTON). For additional information, visit Louisvuitton.com.