Ancient Artifact

by The Zoe Report

Surely, you didn’t think you’d heard the last of our praises about tribal-influenced accessories, did you? Good, because today’sArrowhead Studs from Kathy Rose for Roseark may be the most inspiring take on the trend yet!

Old meets new in these ancient artifact-like earrings with modern rose gold and diamond framing. By lending luxury to each aged, one-of-a-kind arrowhead, our cherished LA jeweler has yielded a truly striking duo that is certain to stand the test of time in your treasure chest. For a worldly getup, aim to please in Kathy Rose’s studs with a multicolored maxi, delicate wedges and straw clutch!

Availability: Kathy Rose for Roseark Arrowhead Studs ($6500). For additional information, visit Roseark.com.

P.S. How gold can you go? Add one of our lustrous finds to your makeup bag and shine on.