Kate Bosworth Just Designed The Next It Sunglasses

From the street to the red carpet, Kate Bosworth is a constant source of style inspiration, and the actress has now added designer to her résumé, further solidifying her fashion savvy in our book. Teaming up with the California-based luxury eyewear brand Jacques Marie Mage, Kate and her husband Michael Polish each designed a pair of sunglasses—Kate’s are inspired by Marilyn Monroe, and you may recognize the specs as those she’s been photographed wearing on repeat over the past few months. We recently got the chance to chat with the star to get her styling advice, her take on current trends and why she thinks going bold with your sunnies is always worth it. Read it all here, and shop the collection, now available on Moda Operandi.

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Kate Bosworth In Her Design For Jacques Marie Mage

Laura Lajiness: First of all, tell us how this collaboration came to be.

Kate Bosworth: Jerome [Mage] approached us after seeing our work and loved the idea of an interchangeable artist-muse relationship. He wanted to infuse this dynamic into the collaboration.

LL: How involved were you in the design process?

KB: Completely involved. Michael and I thought about some of the great muses of the world—Marilyn Monroe, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen. My design is very much a nod to Marilyn and the shapes she wore (squared with a slight cat-eye). We thought about paying homage to the film The Misfits, which she stars in, for our campaign imagery. We worked very easily and fluidly with Jerome. We are all like-minded artists.

LL: Sunglasses run the gamut from trendy to timeless. Is there a particular trend you've subscribed to that you now regret?

KB: The beauty of eyewear is that it holds an idea of fantasy—one can feel entirely different with a great pair of sunglasses. This accessory can lend wonderful mystery and intrigue. So there are no regrets.

LL: What do you think is the most universally flattering frame style and why?

KB: Aviators. They're timeless but also have a unisex sex appeal to them. There was also a purpose behind them, which informs this idea.

LL: How do you recommend styling bold sunglasses that can be seen as intimidating, like color-blocked styles with bright shades?

KB: One of my favorite things about a bold accessory (rather than a whole outfit) is that it allows someone who may be a bit more reserved a small element of playfulness. It's still accessible but fun. Our price point is on the higher end because the pieces are all handcrafted in Japan. They are titanium, with the highest level glass. We like to think of them as wearable art, rather than just a fashion statement.

LL: Cat-eyes are one of the biggest trends at the moment. What shape do you think is the next to take over?

KB: Ours.

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