Karl Said Knock You Out

by The Zoe Report

Karl Lagerfeld can do no wrong. At first glance, today’s Chanel Sublime Deco Hand Ring almost appears like a bracelet or cuff, but it is in fact an exceptional cocktail ring. The multi-finger statement piece is every girl’s fantasy…I mean, it’s genius.

Naturally, the Chanel fashion house always knocks it out of the park, even down to the accessories. This fall was no different, so expect more coverage from me on them in the next few months. For now, let’s hone in on this mind-blowing metal-resin-strass ring. I always say excessories* are everything, and this hand candy reinforces my convictions. Since most of us aren’t in a place to spend a fortune on a ring, take inspiration from Chanel and find something similar at a flea market or resale shop. A fantastic cocktail ring is an essential component in everyone’s jewelry box—it will make an outfit. xoRZ

*excessories = larger than life pieces of jewelry. i.e. chandelier earrings, cocktail rings and statement necklaces.

Availability: Chanel Sublime Deco Hand Ring ($1600, 310.278.5505). For additional retailer information, visit Chanel.com.