Always On Time

by The Zoe Report

In our ongoing efforts to prevent the extinction of one of fashion’s greatest accessories, the wristwatch, we are granting center stage to an especially attractive group of time-tellers today. Stunning enough to trump the digital face of your smartphone, Karl Lagerfeld for Fossil Watches are as useful as they are beautiful.

Fresh on the market, these wrist wonders radiate a tough-chic brilliance that only the inimitable Karl could be responsible for causing. Blending his avant-garde-cool vision with Fossil’s glossy functionality, they feature details of studs, zippers and holographic leather to make you swoon. Ready to add a significant dose of style to your arm candy agenda? Browse and shop the collab’s six striking designs, and you’ll be modishly punctual around the clock.

Availability: Karl Lagerfeld for Fossil Watches ($195-$595) For additional information, visit Watchkarl.com.