Spotlight: To Give And Get

by The Zoe Report

Christmas is less than one week away, which is usually our cue to enter panic mode because of an untold number of people left on our shopping lists. But this year, we’re feeling more confident than ever that we’ll procure the perfect present for every fashion-forward individual that we know—ourselves included—thanks to Joyus. After browsing their coveted selection, we narrowed down 20 glam goods that we know you’ll want to get your paws on.

Taking into consideration both you and your loved ones, this stylish guide is a one-stop shop to round out all of your chic seasonal needs. So, resist the urge to stress about what to get so-and-so or which dress to wear on New Year’s Eve, because the answers are at your fingertips. From shimmering stocking stuffers to fashionably functional finds and wow-factor wardrobe wants, the only thing standing in the way of a dashing holiday is the click of a mouse!

Availability: Shop 20 Holiday Wants now from Joyus.