Confectionary Clutches

by The Zoe Report

The week of Halloween brings out the little kid in us for more reason than one, but there is no doubt that the handout of candy offerings is the cherry topping on the holiday. Nodding at a different kind of sweet tooth, the one that craves confections in the form of designer add-ons, today’s Jimmy Choo x Rob Pruitt Clutches have us licking our lips.

Arguably our favorite part from Jimmy Choo’s mouthwatering mash-up with contemporary artist Rob Pruitt, these eye-catching purses will put the party into any lacking look. Offered in a handful of game-changing designs, from confetti to lace and zebra-print, we’ve concluded that the only way to choose the best style is to close one’s eyes and point. Longing to update your autumn attire with an appetizing accessory? Reach for today’s platter of clutches and hold on tight.

Availability: Jimmy Choo x Rob Pruitt Clutches ($795-$1350). For additional information, visit Jimmychoo.com.

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