TZR Spotlight: Got Jewels?

by The Zoe Report

By now I am sure you have heard a word or two about JewelMint, Kate Bosworth’s exclusive jewelry club, but if not, allow me to fill you in! Created to bring you personalized selections every month based on your unique style, JewelMint is a members-only service—free to join!—with a chic assortment of on-trend gems. The coolest part? Each piece only costs $29.99, plus as a Zoe Report reader you will receive 50% off your first purchase with promo code Zoe50! Ba-na-nas!

Being a stylist, I can knowingly say that mixing and matching jewelry into an outfit can really make or break a look. With JewelMint, you can shop without worry, because each piece is specifically chosen to complement your style. Fabulous! Ready to jazz up your wardrobe with some jewels? Duh! Surf over to JewelMint now and treat yourself to something shiny. xoRZ

Availability: Join the exclusive jewel club at JewelMint and use the promo code Zoe50 to get 50% off your first purchase now through Tuesday, April 5th.