Lucky Stars

by The Zoe Report

Our penchant for fancy head adornments is nothing new, but the holiday months give us all the more incentive to indulge in the out-of-the-box accessory. Just as a chunky knit beanie can cap off a daytime winter look, sparkling add-ons like Jennifer Behr’s Galaxy Comb are the sure-fire fix to put a festive, whimsical spin on an evening ensemble.

Handmade in three equally captivating variations—we’re partial to the crystal gunmetal—this comb captures an undeniably dreamy quality. Featuring a total of nine stars in assorted sizes, it will add a constellation-like element to an understated up-do. Need to look chic in a pinch? Slick your hair back into a sleek bun and pin in Jennifer Behr’s dazzling piece for a ravishing finish.

Availability: Jennifer Behr Galaxy Comb ($625). For additional information, visit jenniferbehr.com.

P.S. Don’t be afraid to procure a little something for yourself this gifting season—Beckley Boutique is your one-stop shop for runway-ready goods.