Items All Stylish 30-Year-Olds Own

By the time you enter your 30s you’ve likely figured out a few things: your general career trajectory, how to politely decline an unwanted invitation, which fork to use at a five-course dinner and other essential tidbits of information. You should’ve also figured out that trends come and go, but certain staples never go out of style. Here are the items you can turn to time and again and always look fabulous. Because you’ve got more pressing issues at hand, like conquering the world.

Photo: Getty Images

Whether you're pairing them with a mini dress or cropped trousers, a sandal that matches your skin tone is a must.

Find a silhouette that flatters your best assets and invest in a great black version to wear to everything from dates to weddings.

Choose a delicate necklace that can dress up a simple white button-up or add interest to a black-tie gown.

It's officially time to upgrade from scratchy wool blends to cashmere knits that stand the test of time.

The face-brightening properties of a good red lipstick cannot be overstated.

Whether you are attending a business meeting, traveling or doing carpool, a simple, polished purse keeps you looking refined.

Every woman should own at least one set of beautifully made lingerie.

Whether you buy a new style or opt for vintage, think of your timepiece as a future family heirloom.

This lightweight travel essential pairs with everything from casual staples to cocktail attire. Plus, you can style it in a multitude of ways.

Flattering jeans—the kind that lift the butt, slim the hips and lengthen the legs—are most versatile and modern in a medium-blue wash.