It-Girl Jewelry Line DylanLex Launches A New Collection

You know a DylanLex necklace when you see one: They are conversation-starters, dramatic, bold and statement-making—and more often than not, on the neck of an impeccably chic girl. (Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, stylist Monica Rose and bloggers Geri Hirsch and Julie Sarinana are all fans.) Philadelphia-native Drew Ginsberg is the adorable designer behind the line (she has become known for her faceless Instagram feed of black and white ensembles complemented by loads of incredible jewels). Since launching with necklaces, the line has expanded into rings, bracelets, and last month introduced earrings, all boasting the ethnic-meets-vintage glamour vibe DylanLex has built a following on. Today, the jewelry line—coveted by cool girls everywhere—launches a new collection just in time for the holiday season. “Confidence without being too brash, elegance without being too tame is the theme of this collection—boldness with a ’30s-glam mix,” says Ginsberg of the silver-plated range, accented with Swarovski crystals. Throw on a simple LBD, and let one of these pieces provide all the holiday sparkle you need. We promise at least one person at the party will ask you where you got your jewelry—like we said, they’re converation-starters. And when you’re not all gussied up, the pieces look just as amazing with a pair of vintage Levi’s and a white tee. Click through for our favorite pieces from the new line and get ready to make your holiday wish list a little longer.


Good Enough For Kendall, Good Enough For Us