DIY Denim: Bring New Life To Your Old Jeans

Don’t unravel because you can’t find a way to revitalize your aging denim. We have a totally fab solution: the frayed hem! An understated but interesting twist for old baby blues in your closet, this easy DIY project will have you looking like a street style pro in no time. Just grab a forgotten pair of jeans and your fave heels, then get to snipping!

Find Out How To Get A Frayed Hem!

1. Gather Your Supplies

You'll need: 1. An old pair of forgotten jeans from your closet. 2. Your favorite heels. 3. A straight-edge ruler. 4. Scissors. 5. Tailor's chalk.

Pictured: Levi's high-waisted jeans and Celine ankle-strap sandals.

2. Try On Jeans With Your Fave Pair Of Heels And Measure

With your jeans and heels on, eyeball where you want the new hem to be, then make a mark with tailor's chalk. We suggest grabbing a friend to help.

4. Draw A Straight Line With Tailor's Chalk

Remove the jeans and use a ruler to extend your mark in a straight line that goes all the way across the pant leg.

5. Cut The Bottom Of The Jeans

Carefully cut across where the line is. If you are unsure of how high you want the hem to go, start long and try them on to check your work. Repeat on both sides.

6. Pull At The Hem With Your Thumbs

Pull at the raw edge with your thumbs creating your desired amount of fraying. Through your jeans in the washer alone for added unraveling.

7. Ta-da! Wear Your Frayed Jeans Often

Voila, you have frayed jeans! Rock them with your heels, a sheer tank and blazer for an understated-yet-cool look.