Alphabet Accessory

by The Zoe Report

For many of us girls, our affection for personalized jewelry pieces began at an early age with the friendship bracelets of our childhood, and then continued on throughout our lives with each distinctive gem that was added to our treasure chests—a nameplate necklace inspired by Carrie Bradshaw comes to mind. If you are every bit as smitten with the trend now as you were on the playground, then you’re sure to adore Hokise Jewelry’s Silk Initial Bracelet.

The newest release from designer Tanya Oskanian—we’re also proud wearers of her vintage-inspired charm necklaces—these bracelets present a completely chic, while also affordable, take on the style. A welcome addition to any fashion-forward wrist, each adjustable silk string features a 14k gold or silver initial to denote your name or another significant message. Incorporate one or more into your army party this spring for a look that is all you.

Availability: Hokise Jewelry Silk Initial Bracelet ($80-$185). For additional information, visit Hokise.com.

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