A Symbol of Love

by The Zoe Report

The fashion world is a substantial industry—one with widespread power and influence—therefore, it is important that we direct this energy toward helping others who are in need. In light of the Haiti crisis, I urge you all to give whatever you can to support the cause. If you are unsure of where to start, check out these Help Haiti Hope symbols, designed by Judith Kupperman and commissioned by the Wayuu Taya Foundation.

With two designs to choose from, this inspiring piece of jewelry is a really cool way to show your love for those in Haiti. Pick your favorite and wear it close to your heart as a necklace, or interpret it as a bracelet by wrapping the cord several times around your wrist. Either way, you will stay en vogue while all proceeds* go directly to aid the children who are suffering from the earthquake’s effects. Helping the world in a most stylish way? Now that’s ba-na-nas. xoRZ

*Aside from production, shipping and handling costs.

Availability: Help Haiti Hope symbol ($10). For additional information, visit Helphaitihope.org.