Plan Ahead

by The Zoe Report

Happy Monday, Zoe Reporters! As the beginning of the work week, Monday has earned a pretty bad rep, but to me it signifies plenty of time ahead to get things done! With the help of a fancy date planner—I heart Gucci’s Small Agenda—I say let’s make this week, and every week thereafter, as fashionably productive as possible.

Sleekly imprinted with the Italian fashion house’s “GG” emblem, my pick du jour is a mah-jor addition to your handbag. A stylish stand-in for your wallet, Gucci’s Agenda is conveniently sized with four card slots, a pocket and pen loop inside. On the exterior, it is decked out in metallic mauve leather and light gold hardware…obsessed! Allow yourself to ogle at this Gucci prize for a few more moments and then start making some plans! xoRZ

Availability: Gucci Small Agenda ($380). For additional retailer information, visit Gucci.com.