Checked Mate

by The Zoe Report

We don’t know much about chess, but we do know a lot about shoes and can spot a game-changing pair from a mile away. Speaking of which, Givenchy’s black and white booties are prominently placed in our office’s collective conscious today. All the strategy one needs to accomplish a sought-after ensemble, they’ll lift your every step both figuratively and literally.

In fact, if these fashion kicks could talk, we swear they would utter “checkmate” to all of the other heels in your closet. A little bit Alice and Wonderland, and a lot couture, the lace-up lookers feature a check-embossed pattern, smooth calfskin and a studded platform, all combining to form one seriously striking duo. As for how to style Givenchy’s whimsical beauts, we visualize a sleeveless dress, two-tone clutch and pyramid hoop earrings will do the trick.

Availability: Givenchy Check-Embossed Ankle Boots ($1950). For additional information, visit Givenchy.com.