Reign Of The Reindeer

by The Zoe Report

Rudolph may not be as renowned for his trusty antlers as his red nose, but that all may change after one glance at today’s pick du jour. Pay homage to our favorite Christmas creature with FENTON’s Antler Cuff, a fierce and festive add-on to brighten up the holiday!

Sprinkled with Swarovski crystals and taxidermy-inspired details, we daresay this cuff is a work of art for your wrist. The intricately crafted brass boasts an overtly baroque vibe, and it’s no secret that we’re onboard with old school glamour! We can only imagine what hard work Dasher, Dancer and the rest of the crew must put in to pull Santa’s sleigh—let’s show them a little well-deserved love on their big day, shall we?

Availability: FENTON Antler Cuff ($450, 212.967.8592). For additional information, visit Fentonusa.com.

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