Fingerpaint A Fendi With myBaguette

Yearning for a fun, fashion-centric activity that doubles as a creative outlet (i.e. the ultimate time-killer)? There’s an app for that! Compatible with both iPad and Android, Fendi’s myBaguette app allows budding bag designers to create an iconic Baguette bag, store it to their very own gallery, and share on most social outlets. Submit your creation to be in the running for “Baguette of the Month” — chosen by the very woman responsible for the it-bag’s inception, Sylvia Venturini Fendi.

Fresh out of Fendi-worthy ideas? Click over to the Art Gallery and peruse Baguette interpretations from renowned artists like Richard Prince, Nina Pandolfo and L.A.’s own Karen Kimmel.

Oh, and in case impulse control isn’t your forte, fear not: as of right now your one-of-a-kind creation can only exist within the confines of the app, so spontaneous purchases won’t be an issue.

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