11 Questions With Jewelry Designer Kate Termini

Christian Oth Studio

Slaves to bohemian luxury, we fell hard for Fayt Jewelry at first sight. Born by Kate Termini—who was inspired after designing her own dream wedding ring—the just-launched NYC label boasts stunning baubles built around turquoise details you’ll want to layer and stack to your heart’s content. Below, we get to know the superchic woman behind the collection (fun fact: she is also a forensic psychologist!) and shop out a few of our fave Fayt pieces.

1. What is your best styling trick? “Mixing high and low. I am a huge fan of places like Zara and H&M. Mixing their items with your own investment pieces makes them unique to you and your style. My investment pieces tend to be jewelry and shoes or boots.”

2. What is your personal mantra? “Be yourself. Confidence can make any outfit look great so be sure to always feel comfortable in what you’re wearing and feel like you.”

Fayt Spike Rings ($229 each), Hess Rings ($1800 each), Jana Ring ($1900), Kate Ring ($900)

3. What was the last big fashion investment you made? “A printed, kimono jacket. It makes even the most basic outfit unique and feels like you’re wearing a comfy bathrobe.”

Try: The Pilgrim’s Lover Kimono ($637)

4. A few words that best describe you are… “Bohemian surfer meets NYC.”

Christian Oth Studio

Photo by: Glen Allsop from Christian Oth

5. The fashion era you most identify with… “1960s, hands down.”

6. Instagram, Twitter or Facebook? Instagram.

Photo: @fayt_jewelry

7. What is the one item every woman should own and why? “This is a toss-up between a statement piece of jewelry that expresses your individual style (for me it’s a vintage, turquoise squash-blossom necklace) and a good red lipstick (I prefer Troi Ollivierre in Parker). Both can be used to reinvent any outfit.”

Troi Ollivierre Lipstick in Parker ($28)

8. If you could spend a year of your life anywhere in the world, where would it be? “I would definitely live on a boat. I have always been drawn to anything on the water (which is one reason why I use turquoise in so much of my jewelry). My husband and I met surfing and spend as much time by and in the ocean as possible. Living on a boat would be a dream and allow me to experience numerous places and cultures.”

9. What is your guilty pleasure? “Sugar and jewelry.”

10. Who are three people you would invite to a dinner party, dead or alive? “Ted Bundy (I am a forensic psychologist in addition to designing jewelry), Jesus (the most famous man to ever walk the earth) and my husband (in my opinion, the best dinner companion around).”

11. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? “See #2. Be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. This goes for personal style, as well as just life in general.”

Fayt Johnny Arrowhead Bangles ($878 each), Dove Necklaces ($675-$1198 each), Kate Ring ($900), Hess Ring ($1800)